Dispatch of Army 1.69

  • Categoría: FPS Games
  • Licencia: Shareware
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  • Sistema: w2000 wXP vista
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An impressive combat game set in the 1960s with up to 130 characters.

Do you think the time has come to try a game as good or better than Counter Strike? If you think so, then here you have Dispatch of Army, also known as DOA. It is a military-style first person shooter with excellent graphics and an enviable playability that lets you play against hundreds of on-line players. The only negative side is that it is not compatible with Internet Explorer, and can create conflicts.

Once you get to this point you can enjoy a consistent story: Myradia has finally gained its independence, and its government want democratic and free politics, which provokes the country`s communists. The rebels take control of the second largest city in the year 1965. That`s when a strong army enters the scene, made up of soldiers from other countries, to fight against the communists.

Dispatch of Army is full of touches from the 1960s, includes three gaming modes that take the player to diverse scenes of impressive cities, and where up to 32 different characters battle it out. The weapons are identical to those used by armies in the 1960s, and each weapon has its sound effect.


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